Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Cassie Photo Bomb Comp!

As a newbie author, I'm still pretty excited about the idea of people out there in the world actually reading my book! So I've come up with a little competition. Send me a photo of yourself reading my book somewhere exotic, glamorous, groovy or unexpected. I'll publish them on my blog and the best will win a $100 Amazon voucher!

I may give additional spot prizes for particularly interesting or exciting photos, so go get creative!

Bradley Cooper goes in the running for a $100 Amazon voucher
just for submitting this photo of him reading my book!*
Submit your photo to emmie @ emmiedark.com without the spaces (you know how it works).

We don't need to see your face, so it's the perfect photo-comp if you're camera shy. Just need you, your copy of my book and some fabulous surroundings. Don't worry if you have an e-reader version, just hold up your e-reader screen-forward and pump up the font size so that I can read Cassie or Ronan's name on it. Easy!

The small print: by sending me your photo, you give me permission to reproduce it here on my blog. And the judge's (my) decision is final! Competition is open now and closes on 15 April 2012.

*NB - Bradley Cooper probably didn't submit that photo. But you get the idea.


  1. Competition - sounds great! What's it all about? I stopped reading when I saw the pic of Bradley Cooper!! ;)