Monday, April 29, 2013

It's finally here!

I've spoken before about the deliveryman's tendency to lean too heavily on the buzzer, thus when that happened this morning, I had an inkling of what to expect. Yes, I was still in my pyjamas but I told the guy I was "having a day off". I think that sounds better than, "I'm still in my PJs because I was in bed with my laptop and I just got an idea for a really good scene and I had no idea that most of the morning was already gone."

This is the box he handed me:
It's a little bit dusty, as you can see, but it was perfectly intact and took very good care of its precious cargo all the way from New York (according to the mailing label). Once again, I carefully opened the tape and peeled back the cardboard flaps...
Ooh, it's so exciting!

I'm really excited for this book. You can't have a favourite with your books (it's like trying to chose a favourite child) but perhaps, secretly, in your heart-of-hearts, you have a soft spot for one special little one. Just For Today is my special little one. (Well, until the next one comes along, I guess!)

I had the best time writing Just For Today, and I desperately want everyone to love Jess and Sean as much as I do. I had a heap of fun doing research for this book. To help me understand more about Sean's life writing horror genre fiction and graphic novels, I went to a couple of comic/fan conventions, including one for the TV show Supernatural, at which I got a little over-excited.

(I know you're all wondering why I didn't go to a Dr Who convention, seeing as I love that so much, but it was literally a matter of timing -- I just went to whatever was available in Melbourne that month, so Supernatural it was. But if Matt Smith (or David Tennant *swoon*) ever makes his way to Melbourne he'd better be on his guard...)

So! Now I have a boxful of exciting copies of Just For Today. It will be on the shelves in North America AND Australia in June, so you've still got a while to wait before you can get your pretty little hands on this one.

That is, UNLESS you win the giveaway I have just now decided to have, and answer my very tricky question! My question is:

Who is your favourite Doctor? 

There. That'll sort you out. I'll chose an answer at random from anyone who comments on this post in the next couple of days and I'll be in touch to send you your very own ADVANCE copy of Just For Today, so you can fall in love with Jess and Sean, just like I did!
Receiving a box of your own books is seriously one of
the most amazing experiences in the universe.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

June is going to be exciting!

As I've mentioned previously, my new SuperRomance "Just For Today..." is going to be out in North America in June. The exciting news for my Aussie supporters is that it's going to be out in Australia at the same time!

Not only is it going to be on the shelves in June (probably mid-June from retailers like Target, K-Mart and Big W) it's going to have almost the same cover! So you won't have to look for something totally different. Yay!

Here's what Just For Today is going to look like in North America:
Here's what it's going to look like in Australia:
The gorgeous Sean and Jess are there in their absolute perfection!

Don't worry, I'll definitely be back to tell you all about all the release details when the time gets closer. And there will probably be a giveaway (or two or three) too, so stay tuned!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Through the looking glass

It's a freaky thing, watching yourself on camera. Do I really look like that? Talk like that? I'd make an appalling actor. Although, I have heard that Hugh Laurie refuses to ever watch footage of himself doing the actoring. He even recorded the entire DVD commentary for one of his movies with his back turned to the screen. So I guess that means maybe I could be an actor, if I followed those rules. But then, again . . . Nope. I'll settle for being one of the people that puts the words in actors' mouths. Well, hopefully. One day. I'm really looking forward to the red carpet premiere of one of my novels becoming a movie. I've got the best dress all picked out.

In the meantime, you can check this out. It's just little ol' me. Talking about Spellbound. With the lovely Carol George, editor at Destiny Romance.

I think it's the first face-to-face interview I've done -- these days publicity is mostly an email-back-and-forward kind of thing. So it was exciting! And scary! And fun!

What do you think? How did I do?

Monday, April 1, 2013

Another girlie crush that reveals my geeky side

If you're a closet geek (or even a not-so-closet geek) then you know all about Dr Who. And if you've never heard of the show, or don't really care, then look away now.

Really, the rest of us won't mind.

Of you go. Shoo.

Doo-de-doo-de-dooo *hums lift music*

Right, are they gone? Those heathens who don't like Dr Who? Phew.

So, now that we're all on the same page, how cool is Matt Smith? And how awesome was the new episode?? I loved it when.... Nah, tricked ya! I won't give away any spoilers.

I've been watching Dr Who since it returned a few years back with Chris Eccleston. I've loved every version of the Doctor since then, although I have a soft spot for David Tennant. (Or Ten, if you're a true geek.) And, I will admit, it took me a while to warm to Matt Smith. (I also think it's taken a while for Matt Smith to warm to the Doctor, but that's another conversation.)
Actually, I've watched it since long before that -- way back when I was growing up in a country town with only two TV channels, one of which (ABC, of course) routinely showed Dr Who as after-school viewing.

I love Dr Who for many reasons. I'm not really one for horror shows or the like (although give me a vampire and I'm there), but part of me does like regressing to those childhood days of watching the Daleks from behind the couch, knowing I'd be hearing those metallic voices in my head later when I was trying to sleep.

It's okay -- I chose one with its eyes covered.
But probably a good idea not to blink. Just in case.
And in my adult years, Dr Who has provided some of the downright scariest moments on TV bar none: Weeping Angels anyone? Vashda Nerada? That little boy in the gas mask pleading, "Are you my mummy?"


Part of me loves the romance of it. Yes, of course it's a romance (and no, it's not "of course you'd say that"). The Doctor is the ultimate romantic hero -- intellectual, action-oriented, deeply troubled, overly protective of those he loves. And he's a snappy dresser in pretty much all his incarnations. (Although I didn't love the cricket whites from way back.)

This version of the Doctor (Eleven) has developed a bit of a catch cry. Well, there are a few things he says. "Run," "You are brilliant," and "Geronimo" spring to mind. But the one I want to talk about has only started appearing recently. It's simple but meaningful and affecting, like all good catch cries:

"Under My Protection."
A  non-spoilery screen grab from the latest episode.
By this he means everything from his current companion (the quirky, capable and quite loveable Oswin) to the entire planet earth.

Who doesn't love a hero who declares something like that?

I especially like the way the Dr Who writers use it. Because it doesn't disempower the other characters. Oswin (like Amy before her) isn't quivering in her boots waiting for the Doctor to save her. Often it seems an impossible task anyway -- the Doctor is almost always out-matched, out-manned, and definitely out-gunned. But he always turns up, thinks of something, and saves the day. With a little help.

I love it as a hero's cry. I want to write heroes in my books that might not necessarily say these words, but whose every actions are defined by this belief. I want to read books with heroes like that.

Personally, I'd like a world where more people were like that.

But for now, I sleep a little safer at night knowing we're under the Doctor's protection.