Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Cassie Goes Global

So it seems Cassie is really getting out there! I have proof myself having just seen my actual book in an actual store! Check it out: Cassie in the Las Vegas Walmart!!

Yes, a silly grin, but I can't help it!
I've also been thrilled to receive more entries from readers around the world. Here is Maria M in Lucknow in North India!! She tells me that the book isn't yet on sale on shelves in the country, but she ordered her copy online. Thanks for taking a chance on a newbie author, Maria!

Maria in India! I think from that secretive smile she must be reading the
scene where Cassie and Ronan are on the beach in Perth...!
Our second entry today comes from Louise R and she's sent us a glorious photo of Cassie on the Freycinet Peninsula in Tasmania.
Gorgeous scenery and gorgeous reader! 
 Here's one more submission -- this one is from me. Yesterday I had the enormous pleasure of driving from Lake Tahoe to Las Vegas through the Sierra Nevadas and down through Death Valley. It is seriously some of the most breathtaking scenery ever.

Nothing to see here -- just a mad author...
After passing through all the secret US bases and missile silos (some parts along that road are seriously a little creepy and had us recalling movies like Independence Day) we stopped on the side of the road to take some photos.

I'm spending the next few days in Las Vegas and then heading for parts as-yet-unknown. I'm sure there will be more opportunities for photos of my book in bizarre places though, so stay tuned!

While I'm off wandering the the world, Emmie's global blog tour of world domination continues unabated. Check out my author blog tour page which lists all the places I'm "appearing". Comments are always welcomed!

Friday, March 16, 2012

Another entry in the Cassie Photo Bomb Comp!

Another entry from Fiji! Reader Shariya Singh was prompted to download Cassie's Grand Plan to her Kindle after reading a review in the Fiji Times!

Thanks Shariya for sharing and for showing us how you can still enter this competition if you have an e-reader version. (Although usually we'd like to see a little more of the surroundings -- not that we don't trust you, just for verification that you are where you say you are! :) )

It's very easy to enter the Cassie Photo Bomb Competition and you could win an Amazon gift card worth $100. Check out this post with all the details.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Blog tour book winner

Congratulations to "Old Kitty" who has won a copy of Cassie's Grand Plan for leaving a comment at Romance Book Paradise. Shoot me an email, Old Kitty, at emmie @ (without the spaces) and I'll organise for your prize to get to you!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

First entries in Cassie's Photo Bomb competition!

I'm wildly excited by the first entries we have in the Cassie Photo Bomb competition. I started the comp hoping it might get four or five entries. Well, we already have three and it's only the first week, so I'm taking that as a very encouraging sign!!

First up we have an entry from my friend and book publicist extraordinaire, Nas. Nas is reading Cassie's Grand Plan in Nadi, Fiji!

Now in the category of "Cassie in groovy places" we have the lovely Jennifer F and Susan L reading Cassie at the Hemisphere Bar in downtown Sydney.  As a very groovy bar indeed, they don't believe in turning many lights on, but you can definitely still make out what these ladies are reading -- and the coaster  in the second photo has the name of the bar on it.

In the running for "best caption" prize so far is this one from Adrian C. He calls it "Book, on a beach chair, in the Bahamas". We likes it.

Adrian also submitted a few other photos of Cassie in the Caribbean.

Can you see Cassie and Ronan? This picture is
almost like a Where's Wally puzzle challenge! 

 Please send me more, more, more!!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Going on tour with Cassie and Ronan

To launch Cassie's Grand Plan (available from this Tuesday, 6 March!!) I'm going on a blog tour. A blog tour, in case you were wondering, is a bit like a rock band tour, but instead of playing stadiums and staying up late drinking tequila with groupies, I visit other people's blogs and go to bed early with a nice cup of tea.

Sounds like fun, right?
The best thing about a blog tour is that there is another chance to win a prize!! That's right, not only do you have a chance to win a $100 Amazon voucher in my Cassie Photo Bomb Comp, you have a second chance to win another $50 Amazon voucher just by following along with my blog tour! The person who comments at each stop along the way is the winner (or a random selection if there is more than one of you).

The tour officially begins at the SuperRomance Authors blog on Monday 5 March. Then you can follow me here:

After that, if you're not completely sick of me, but are instead, addicted to my witty banter, and feel the need to continue the commenting habit you've developed, you can always come back and comment here, at my very own blog post. Which is where, incidentally, I'll be announcing the winner of the tour prize. 

Now, groupies, get your typing fingers ready, your sparkling repartee sharpened, and -- most importantly -- your glasses on for those damned Captcha images that you have to complete in order to prove you're not a robot.