Friday, March 16, 2012

Another entry in the Cassie Photo Bomb Comp!

Another entry from Fiji! Reader Shariya Singh was prompted to download Cassie's Grand Plan to her Kindle after reading a review in the Fiji Times!

Thanks Shariya for sharing and for showing us how you can still enter this competition if you have an e-reader version. (Although usually we'd like to see a little more of the surroundings -- not that we don't trust you, just for verification that you are where you say you are! :) )

It's very easy to enter the Cassie Photo Bomb Competition and you could win an Amazon gift card worth $100. Check out this post with all the details.


  1. I'm entering that contest! I'm trying to find a good location so that my photo can be 'memorable' and I'm torn between wearing a shalwar suit or a sari so that I can give an authentic Indian look. I only wish I lived near the Taj Mahal because a photo near there would have been awesome!

    Working on that, now that my copy of 'Cassie Grand Plan' has arrived!

  2. Hi Maria -- that sounds awesome! I can't wait to see it!