Monday, October 3, 2011

Not so favourite Monday

Okay, so I missed my last week's "Friday Favourite" -- and I was all determined that I was going to keep on top of this blogging thing! But that was before my back had other ideas. Early last week, it decided it had pretty much had enough of carting my ungrateful body around and so it stopped. Well, it didn't exactly stop, but it only did so with a great deal of complaining. Very ouchy and nasty complaining.

Source (And handy hint - don't do a Google image search on the word "ouch". Ew.)

So I then took myself off to the doctor, as you do, and got this awesome cocktail of drugs that, as my osteopath so wisely said: "Don't make it hurt any less, but do make you care less about it hurting." Amen.

I spent most of last week off with the pixies, reliant on friends and family to drive me around (seriously, you did not want me behind the wheel), make me dinner and even do my washing. Very glamorous indeed, being my friend, I assure you.

As a result, no work, no writing and in fact, not much else has been done at all. When I did have the brain space I did some reading. I'm sure the drugs were not entirely responsible for the tears I shed reading Sarah Mayberry's "One Good Reason" and "Home for the Holidays". Or the giggling I did reading Victoria Dahl's "Good Girls Don't" and the green-eyed writer's jealousy I felt over the astonishingly glorious sentences in Susan Elizabeth Phillips' "Call Me Irresistible". Seriously. Check this out from page 10:

"He strode down the centre aisle with a long, easy gait, his dark brown hair kissed with copper. Jeweled light from the stained-glass windows flung precious gems in his path, as if a simple red carpet weren't good enough for such a man to walk upon."

I mean, really. Come on, SEP, leave some hope for us mere mortal writers... :)

Today, though, along with some sunshine (thank you, Melbourne) my back seems a little better able to cope with sitting at the computer for about half an hour at a time. And my brain is slowly getting less fuzzy as I work off the pixie dust. With any luck, tomorrow I'll be able to tackle some actual writing. Blogging is easing me into it...


  1. Glad to hear you're getting better, Emmie. That sounded so painful. But yay for friends and family and awesome painkilling drugs!

  2. Thanks Louise! Just keeping my fingers crossed that the improvement continues!