Thursday, December 8, 2011

Funny girl

My friend Hayley, who is made of awesome, warned me that she'd purchased me a very silly gift that made her giggle every time she looked at it. Knowing Hayley as I do, I was intrigued and a good bit scared by that pronouncement.

Well, today, I received the gift from my enabler/friend with the following semi-serious advice: "This is in case you sleep with Dean Winchester."

It reminded me of this:

Well, maybe someone does. Thanks, Hayley. I'll keep them in a special place for that inevitable moment...


  1. But what if it's all going really well and then - gasp - the undies turn him right off? Oh the pain!

  2. My brain would explode. I'm pretty sure.

  3. Dean Winchester is just not the sort of guy that gets down to the knickers and then stops for anything, he's going to love them! :P

  4. Good point, Hayley. Dean is pretty determined when he gets his mind set on something. And those undies are pretty awesome.