Friday, March 15, 2013

It's Spellbound release day!

Spellbound is now out there, ready for your waiting eyes to devour!

Spellbound is only being released as an e-book, which means you need a computer, an e-reader, or a smart phone or iPad to read it. Who knows, one day it might be on a shelf, but you'll have already read it by then, won't you?

Want to know a little bit about it?

Well, here goes.

It's sexy. Like, really sexy. Like, my mother's not allowed to read it. Got the picture?

It's also funny, a little sad, a little quirky, and a little bit magical too.

On the Destiny site, you can read an extract, which is actually the first whole chapter.

And for those of you with Kindles (or wanting to use the Kindle app on your iPhone or iPad), if you jump onto Amazon and it's not available, just click "pre-order" and it'll fly into your device as soon as it's available. (It might take a day or two from now, just while we wait for timezones to sync up...)

I hope you have lots of fun with Belle, Nick and crazy Aunt Gertrude!

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