Thursday, May 2, 2013

Giveaway winner!

The "favourite doctor" giveaway is closed now, thanks to everyone for your marvellous doctor suggestions! The winner is....
Sarah Meral! 

Sarah, drop me a line at emmie(at) and I'll organise to send your copy of Just For Today to you!

Sarah made the very awesome choice of Dr Walter Bishop from Fringe. (Played by renowned Aussie actor, John Noble, who I'm pretty sure I saw on stage in a totally bizarre and vaguely upsetting MTC production, but it was so many years ago it was before the internet was invented so I can't check.) The fact that I own all five seasons of Fringe on DVD only enhances my cred as a geek, I think...



  1. Thanks Emmie and Debbie. I´m totally excited :).

    And I send you an email, Emmie.

    I´m a big Fringe fan myself. I have only the first three DVD-sets yet, but will correct that soon :)