Friday, September 9, 2011

Friday Favourites

I figured it'd be a good idea to have something that makes me blog at least once a week. This is not an original idea. There's the luscious Man Candy Mondays that my lovely and talented critique partner Robin Covington takes part in. There's Blaze author Meg Maguire's equally luscious Thrusty Thursdays that are just as often hilarious as hawt. Then there's things like Six Sentence Sunday which I might well join in with at some point.

But I want flexibility. I don't want to have to wait until Monday to post a photo of a gorgeous bloke. (See Jensen Ackles post below as case in point. (Or click on that link I just put in to the ridiculously named 'The Hunkies', in case you need more, like I did...))

So I came up with Friday Favourites. It just means that on Fridays, I'm going to talk about, link to, and/or feature photos of, things I like. They could be any thing. At this point in time you'll be lucky if it's not just Supernatural, Nerada Organics Rooibos and Vanilla tea and ridiculously expensive side tables, as they seem to be the key things keeping my tiny mind spinning right now.

Today's Friday Favourite is my favourite blog discovery of recent months. The Blogess came to my attention (and lots of other people's) with her post about buying a six-foot-tall metal chicken that she named Beyonce. It is, seriously, the most hilarious thing I've read. Probably ever. (Aside from a couple of entries on 'Damn You Autocorrect', but that's for another Friday.) I have read it several times, and still, when I re-read it, I chuckle all over again. And then my writer's brain tries to work out what makes it so funny.

Since Beyonce, the Blogess has continued to impress me with her bizarre take on the world and its people. She was an instant add to my 'fun stuff' category in my Google Reader. It is borderline NSFW, depending on how strict your policies are with swearing (there's quite a bit of that). But I get a thrill when I see there's a new post to read. For those of you new to Blogess, please go, discover. For those of you who already worship, I have two words for you: 'Knock, knock'.


  1. Emmie - thanks for the shout out! You know me - I can't resist the opportunity to ogle a half-nekkid (or 100% works too) man! Man Candy Mondays just takes the edge off the longest day of the week . . .

    But, I'm not sure I can compete with a metal chicken named Beyonce.


  2. The blogess says everything you'd love to say yourself. She has the best friend and the most long-suffering husband. And she has that freaky little Copernicus. The post where she bought Copernicus is a hoot.
    P.S. I have a Coco Republic addiction as well.