Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Happy Birthday, Morten

It's Morten Harket's birthday today. He's 52 years old. Seriously. How good does the guy still look?
Some of you might be wondering, who on earth is Morten Harket? I give you:

Now, do you remember?

As my family and many of my friends know, I had a crush on a-ha for years. Years and years. I never got to see them live when they toured Australia in 1986, because my parents said I was too young to go to Melbourne for the concert (we lived in the country). So in 2005 I flew to London to see them live on stage at Wembley. Best. Concert. Ever.

I also went to London again in 2010 to see them perform in their farewell concert at Wembley, because, you see, a-ha is no more. They went splitsville after 25 years together. *pouts*

The power of my teenage crush is such that my brain still retains the birth dates of all three members. And when I looked at the date today - 14 September - my first thought was, Happy Birthday, Morten.

Oh, and my second thought was: today's the day I'm blogging on the SuperRomance Authors Blog. So I did that. Go there and check it out.


  1. It's important to note that in most sensible places (like where I live) today is 14 September, not 13, like Blogger seems to insist it is. Although it is still the 13th in Norway, so I guess technically, I am a day early...

  2. Your a-ha addiction is well documented, Emmie :-) I have to say, I *eventually* got over David Cassidy (OK, it was a half-generation earlier, ok?) but when I saw him on TV recently I thought, oh really? Must say Morten looks amazing.

  3. Never fear, I remember David Cassidy! I agree though, he hasn't aged as well as Morten. Must be those nordic genes!