Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Cassie meets Grace

Just as well we extended the deadline on the Cassie Photo Bomb competition, because the entries have been flooding in this week! I'm going to split the latest submissions over a couple of posts in the next few days. First up, let's take a look at the wonderful entries from my MRWG pals Serena, Elvina, Margaret and Josie, who took Cassie on a trip to Bendigo to see the Grace Kelly exhibition currently on there.

The best book Serena's ever read! 

Elvina and Margaret couldn't put it down!

Elvina is engrossed -- I wonder which
scene she's reading??? 
Josie uses her iPhone to capture the most
significant passages in the book...

The gang: Elvina Josie, Margaret and Serena
outside the exhibition gallery. They weren't allowed to take photos inside. :( 
Thanks gals! Looks like you had a great time too (although I have a suspicion that's a sure thing when you lot get together!).

More Cassie photos to come soon! You don't want to miss seeing Cassie getting to meet some Buddhist monks...


  1. Hi Emmie,
    We had an absolute ball doing this! If only we could have taken some photos inside of Grace Kelly reading Cassie...

    Anyway, it's a wonderful book and I'm so proud of you! We all are!

  2. Thanks Serena! They're great pics, and while it would have been lovely to have seen Grace, I'm sure she wouldn't have held a candle to all your gorgeous smiles... :)