Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Still time to send your pic!

How's this for a gorgeous entry in the Cassie Photo Bomb competition?

This is Christine E, enjoying a spot of brunch at the Richmond Hill Cafe and Larder which, as any Melbournian will tell you, is pretty much one of top places for brunch in the entire world. (Even better, looks like Christine has taken a leaf out of my book and is going with a something-yummy that is served in a martini glass...)

The photographer behind the lens of this photo is none other than Dan O'Brien, the photographic genius behind my fantastic author shot.

I had previously declared the deadline for the Cassie Photo Bomb comp to be 15 April, but I'm extending it so you still have a chance to go in the running for a $100 Amazon voucher!!

Just send me a photo of you reading Cassie's Grand Plan. That's it! How simple! It can be somewhere exotic, it can be in your backyard -- either is fine by me. :)

To get you thinking, I have a couple more photos of me to share with you from my recent US trip.

This is me at the Grand Canyon. Just casually sitting right on the edge, so carried away in my reading I don't even notice the one-mile sheer cliff right behind me... not! Never fear, I was on a very safe ledge, we were just tricky with the photo angles ;)

And here's one last one of me from yet another Walmart. I tried to find my book at Barnes and Noble, but none of the stores I visited had any in stock. :( But Walmart was an experience, that's for sure!


  1. Hi Emmie, don't know your email. I won a copy of your book at Super Authors and I wrote to them asking for another book. But seriously Emmie, it's okay, I know you don't have a backlist so how can you give me another book instead. So anyway, it was my complete pleasure to buy your book and good luck with your sales and the rest of your blog tour.

  2. Hi Maria! Thanks for your note. That's absolutely fine. Thanks so much for being a great contributor along my blog tour. It's almost at an end!!