Friday, May 4, 2012

Cassie Photo Comp WINNER

Thank you so much to everyone who submitted photos for the Cassie Photo Bomb competition. I had entries from Australia (at least four states, which is even more impressive when you consider that the book is not even released here yet!), India, Fiji, USA, the Caribbean, Japan and Korea (thanks Mum and Dad), and let's not forget Bradley Cooper*.

I decided, in the end, that it would be fairest to draw a random winner. Because all the photos were so good, making a decision based on artistic merit was just too tough.

And so .... Drum roll please ...

The winner is ....


Serena was amongst the gang of my MRWG pals who took Cassie to Bendigo to see the Grace Kelly exhibition. (I saw the exhibition last weekend and I highly recommend it!)

Serena, I'll be in touch to arrange your $100 Amazon voucher prize shortly!

Thank you again, everyone, for indulging my requests (and occasional begging) and taking the time to not only remember to take Cassie out with you on your various adventures, but also to take your cameras and send me the pics!

* Thanks also to you, Bradley, for being such a good sport about it all. I owe you a drink. Feel free to claim it any time. :)


  1. What fun!
    And isn't Bradley Cooper a good sport :-D

    1. He certainly is. Looking forward to that drink.... ;)

  2. WooHoo! Congratulations to my dearest friend Serena!