Friday, June 8, 2012

So, what's going on?

Life's a bit crazy right now. Crazy busy. My day job (unfortunately that's not writing -- not yet!) has exploded with streamers and confetti -- which is basically my way of saying it's like a parade of footballers holding rabid possums: chaotic, amusing, slightly dangerous and somehow a little sleazy. I'm sure that clarifies everything.

And on top of that, I've just started studying again -- I'm doing a screen writing subject in the Masters of Writing at Swinburne University. Yes, I am an idiot. So far it's pretty good, but it's week two and I'm already two weeks behind. Luckily the universe arranged a long weekend in Melbourne this weekend, which I will spend doing homework.

Doncha wish you had my life??

What all this has meant is no time for writing. And no time for thinking about what comes next with writing.

Lunch with a friend today (*waves to Joanne*) reminded me of all the writing-related stuff I'd like to be doing -- if I wasn't working so damn hard and long on all the other stuff. But this too, will not last. Soon enough I'll be wondering where the next pay check is coming from, whilst merrily reporting back to my buddies at MRWG of my 30k word count for the month.

In the meantime, the point of this post (yes, there kind of is one) is to let you know that there is stuff going on in the world of Emmie Dark.

In His Eyes is available for pre-order from Amazon and all the usual places. (It's offically released in North America in August.) It's actually been doing pretty well already, if the rankings on the Amazon Top #100 SuperRomances are anything to go by. This is a very good thing. :)

Cassie's Grand Plan has also been popping up in the Amazon charts, even after having been out since March, which is lovely to see. And it comes out next month (July) in Australia, under the Mills & Boon "Blush" imprint. Here's what it looks like -- pretty pink!

Feel free to go find it in your local Target, Big W or KMart in July and buy one, just for the hell of it. Even if you already have the one with the pretty blue cover that Misha Collins read, you'll no doubt need the matching set!

I hope your lives are productively busy. Not crazy busy. Just nicely busy. That's what I hope for myself. I'm sure it will happen. Soon.


  1. You're a glutton for punishment. But if anyone can jam pack all that stuff in you can! Have a great long weekend.

    1. Thanks Louise! Bizarrely I'm actually looking forward to getting stuck into it all.

  2. **waving back** Lovely to see you at lunch the other day :)

    Wow - you are super busy. I can't believe how much you're doing!!

    Love the new Blush cover for Cassie - just gorgeous :)

    BTW - love the T-shirt!

    1. It's a pretty cool t-shirt, isn't it? My dad is a big fan of the quote-shirt and I think I might have to see if I can get one for him...

  3. I like funny t-shirts. Trouble is, once you have a few, people keep wondering what you're going to come up with next.
    The pressure, the pressure!!!!