Monday, July 16, 2012

Cassie goes to . . . Morwell!

Look what I found in the Morwell Big W today! I have to give kudos to the Big W book department lady who agreed to take my photo even though she was "terrible with camera things", and to the two nearby customers who took an interest in what was going on and decided to provide helpful styling tips including reshelving the books to a better position! I caused quite the fuss, I did! 

Aussies, get your hard copy now from Big W, Target, or Kmart. Or you can get a Kindle version now too. 


  1. I check my local Coles every visit, they haven't had any Super Romance on the shelves in ages, but I've seen them there before and I'm sure Cassie will turn up any day now!

    1. In Australia you need to look for "Blush" - it's a mauve-y color and the cover is different. I hope Coles gets some in soon!