Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Happy New Year!

Hello everyone! I hope your lead-in to 2013 was fantabulous. Mine was a quiet affair, but fun anyway. I drank a few disappointing cocktails -- they were stupidly expensive and I could have done a better job of making them myself -- played a little pool, and watched some fireworks. We were right next to where the fireworks were being set off, so I leaned back against the car and watched the sky above me. Quite, quite wonderful.
Check out how good I am at pool! Cleanest break ever in the history of the game... 
I love it when you can feel the vibrations of fireworks in your belly.
I'm not much of a resolution maker. And besides, 2012 was pretty freakin' fantastic, so to try to set goals to beat it is going to be tough. But I know what I want the year to bring me. More writing. More books on shelves (whether real shelves or e-shelves). More fun times with friends and family. New places in the world to visit. Delicious food and an occasional scrummy chardonnay. A couple of adventures. Lots of acts of kindness. That'll do, I think.


  1. Happy New Year, Emmie! May it be another great one for you!

  2. Here's to an absolutely awesome 2013.

  3. Your pool photo seems to be a 'before' image...... how do we know what really happened 'after'..... ;)