Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Celebrating launch day!

Last night I was fortunate to celebrate the launch of Just For Today with my dear friend and Destiny stablemate, Louise Reynolds. (If you haven't read her awesome book "Her Italian Aristocrat", what are you waiting for???)
We enjoyed some duck curry, roti, and a glass (or two, or three...) of a crisp Riesling. And along with saying cheers to Jess and Sean we brainstormed other writing projects and talked for a long time about imaginary people doing imaginary things.

I do wonder sometimes what fellow diners might think overhearing the conversation of two writers. I'm guessing they'd assume we're talking about real people and hopefully think we obviously live very glamorous lives as we discuss their travels to London and New York, and film projects, and very complicated love lives. But then we started talking about my follow up to Spellbound and I'm guessing that the discussion of the "rules" in a magical universe may have had them wondering if it was time to call the loony bin...

I think I might have posted a photo of myself holding my book and a glass of wine for each of my book releases.
I guess it's kind of a blog tradition now. Portrait of the author with wine. Sounds about right.

Or, how about:
Portrait of the author drinking wine. Yeah. That's more like it.

The nerves of release day that I spoke about yesterday haven't worn off yet. Wine helps. It's clinically proven.*

Anyhow, for those of you who are twitter peeps, you might want to check out a new account that has popped up: @IamSeanPaterson. Sean's probably going to have some fun stuff to tweet throughout June...

*It may not actually be clinically proven.


  1. This was so much fun, Emmie. Books are like babies and they definitely need to have their heads wetted! Congratulations on the release of Just For Today.

  2. Lovely pics - what a way to celebrate :)