Thursday, August 30, 2012

Brunch in Singapore... A story in pictures

On Sunday, I went with my sister to the "Pink Brunch" at Equinox Restaurant on the 70th floor of the Stamford Swisshotel in Singapore.

To help you imagine the Pink Brunch, take any food buffet you've ever seen in your life and then multiply it by many awesomes and add an entire, separate room for desserts. Plus, you're on the 70th floor, so include the astonishing view. Then, as a final touch, add endless pours of pink Moet & Chandon. Hey presto! You've got it!

First off, we started with some of this:

(Note the amazing view!) And then we had some of this:

And then, for a change, one of these:
 (No, not the napkin. It was too early for that! The Bellini, made with, of course, pink Moet.)

And then we had some more:

And then we realised how PRETTY it was!! All those lovely BUBBLES!

And then the Pink Pather arrived. I'm pretty sure. I still don't quite know why.

Then it was starting to get a little late, so we also had a coffee. That's it in the martini glass:

Then the bar closed and we had to leave. Awww. But we went back to our hotel and I recovered with one of the world-recognised antidotes to too much champagne, one of these:

And we didn't see the Pink Panther again.


  1. Seriously - that places looks a-ma-zing!!!!

    Glad you had a well deserved, brilliant time away.

  2. It looks gorgeous! The view too ;-P And a pink Mo√ęt Bellini? You've won me!
    Enjoy Emmie! You've worked hard and deserve the break.

    1. The view was fantastic! And the bellinis were wonderful.

  3. Haha, are you sure you weren't hallucinating when you saw the Pink Panther? Looks like a wonderful afternoon and I bet there was lots of lovely chat and laughter to go with those drinks.

    1. I'm not entirely sure I DID see the Pink Panther. But there's a photo, so it must be true....


  4. I have the pink panther music in my head now . . . :-D
    You just go ahead and keep being awesome my friend.