Sunday, August 26, 2012

Living the life of a romance heroine...

I'm taking a short (very short) holiday this weekend which feels very much deserved, even if I'm finding it hard to believe how indulgent it is.

Senosa Resort and Spa, my home this weekend.
Want to know what I did yesterday? (Warning, if you went to work, cleaned the house, washed clothes or did any other kind of domestic duty, the answer is probably "no".)

Ate my breakfast while watching one of the many free-ranging peacocks on this resort scavenge for crumbs.
The sound of peacocks crowing adds a distinctly
regal touch to any location. 
Had my feet bathed in salts and frangipanis. Had mud and oil smeared all over my body. Was massaged for 90 minutes or so. Had a facial.

(There are no photos of this. Consider yourselves
lucky. You don't need to see it.) 

Went for a swim in a therapuetic waterfall pool.
The water was actually cold, thus my somewhat
startled posture...
 Had a cocktail by an entirely different pool.
Drinking cocktails by the pool was a goal for this weekend.
Score me: several points!! 
Had another cocktail, just to be sure I'd definitely achieved that goal.
It's important to double- and triple-check the
quality of your hotel's cocktails, I find. 
Went to dinner. Ate delicious food.
Very dark photo, but glam restaurants are like that.
Went to bed.

No photos of me in bed, but here's a rather fuzzy
photo of my quite glam bathroom. 
Today I'm heading out for a brunch of endless Moet & Chandon. Wish me luck -- all this decadence is exhausting. :)

PS -- don't forget you can get a little slice of glam for yourself by leaving a comment on the blog and going into the running to win a pair of gorgeous Riedel wine glasses.


  1. Looks Lovely Emmie. Glad to see you're having a well earned break. Have a cocktail for me.

    1. Thanks Dora! I'm sure I had enough cocktails for you and everyone at MRWG, lol!

  2. Hi Emmie,
    I feel for you - it must be exhausting having to put up with all that. Geez, salt rubs, massages, facials, and cocktails along with fabulous food? I can feel another book coming on...


    1. Totally exhausting, you have no idea. I need to take a lie-down just thinking about it....


  3. OMG - I am seriously jealous!!!!!!!!!!

    The resort looks amazing. Have a brilliant time away - you deserve it :)

    1. Thank you!! Definitely had a brilliant time.

  4. You live an entirely too hedonistic lifestyle! But good for you. It looks absolutely amazing.

    1. I think, especially this week, I have to agree with you Louise! Hedonism is underrated.